Marks & Sparks

Another gap between posts…bah!

Anyway, to prove I’m an equal-opportunities lingerie fan and not just a Boux boy, I indulged in some pretty things from the Marks & Spencers online sale recently! Before giving Boux a try (why I started this blog) M&S has been my main go-to place for lingerie actually, I really like their range, it’s very sexy and good value – and the click-and-collect service is very convenient for me.

So I got a number of things in the sale (my drawers are beginning to fill up with things now, given that I haven’t even finished trying out some of the new knickers from the previous Boux purchase!) which I will try and write about in future posts, but the first thing I wanted to talk about was their firm control traditional corsolette. I wanted to try something like this for a while just to feel what it would be like to be strapped into something feminine, and I have to say I really like it – very comfortable, as stated the control is firm without being too firm, and I love to feel the straps as a reminder.

I bought a couple of pairs of stockings to go with it, which fit me well. I’m absolutely hopeless at attaching them to the hooks, I admit, so I end up cheating with that! But the corsolette keeps them up without too much adjustment which is good. All in all, very pleased with this purchase!


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