Boux 2

OK, so it’s taken me a bit longer to write the second post of this new blog, but no worries, it’s here!

In a handy twist, the delay of a couple of weeks meant that Boux Avenue has fortuitously had time to hold a sale in the interim, which was good timing (couldn’t have planned it better in many ways…)! Although the title of this blog is Boy Who Wears Boux, up until recently I’d never actually worn any Boux Avenue lingerie before.

I have been wearing lingerie for about 8 or 9 years now, starting in my mid-20’s. I couldn’t say exactly why I started (I have some theories, but maybe that’s best kept for another post), but however I got into it, it started with La Senza, in the days before the UK franchise went into administration. Since then my main go-to for lingerie has been Marks & Spencer, who do really nice knickers, although there’s been dabbling with a few other places.

But I’ve been lusting over Boux Avenue’s website for a while, and, coupled with the desire to start blogging my thoughts on my panty hobby (and the name of the blog popping into my head), the sale proved the perfect time to try some of their lingerie! The delivery arrived earlier this week, and is full of lovely pretty things (I’ll write a separate post to explain what I ordered). As I write this, I am wearing a pair of the cobalt blue bonded microfibre shorts, which are ridiculously soft and comfortable – and an absolute bargain in the sale at £2.

So I can now say for definite that I am a boy who wears Boux!


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