Boy Who Wears Boux

Hello, and welcome to Boy Who Wears Boux!

I’m a 30-something boy who enjoys wearing lingerie and, increasingly, getting in touch with my girly side. I’m new to blogging, but the intention is to use this as a space for general musings and ramblings about all things silky and lacy and what lingerie I’m currently lusting over. However I’m pretty sure there will be a smattering of other completely random topics along the way (I’ll make it up as I go along).

In terms of the look of the site, bear with me, I’m still trying to work out all the different things you can do with WordPress (and to be honest I just want to write stuff right now without getting too bogged down in colour palettes and themes and such like). So suggestions on the overall presentation are welcome, but be prepared for me to look blank when I actually try and implement anything…

To be honest, I’ve no idea how many people will actually read any of this, and mentally I’ve sort of come into this with the attitude of using it as a fancy journal if it does turn out it’s just me. But if you are out there reading this, then comments and (constructive) criticisms are extremely welcome – and, more than that, if you have any questions or topics you’d like to hear my thoughts about, please feel free to submit them via the Contact page.

Anyway, this is sort of the difficult “get-the-ball-rolling” post, a bit like that awkward feeling you get at the start of a public presentation before you really get into your stride. It’ll get better, promise 😀


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