Lingerie audit

So…I sort of was a bit naughty recently and ordered yet another pile of panties from M&S, even though I still haven’t worn everything from the previous order – and there’s still a few panties I haven’t tried from the Boux order before that! But I just love ordering new knickers…

As the lingerie in my collection is starting to mount up I thought I’d have a bit of an audit just to see what I have in total.

  • 61 pairs of panties (24 unworn so far)
  • 3 pairs of satin french knickers
  • 4 bras
  • 1 satin corset (black)
  • 1 corsolette (white)
  • 1 satin nightdress (pink)
  • 1 pair of pyjamas (white floral)
  • 1 garter belt (black/pink floral)
  • 4 pairs of stockings (2 black, 2 white)
  • 4 pairs of tights
  • 1 pair black satin opera gloves
  • 2 pairs of high heels

Feels good to have a collection like this!



Sunday’s knickers

Another sizeable gap between posts…sigh! I’ll get the hang of this regular writing thing one day.

Today’s knickers are the lovely Boux Avenue Lauren briefs. I have them in a very girly shade of pink (which isn’t shown on that link for some reason). Very pretty.

Crimson blush

Today’s knickers are from the M&S order from a few weeks back and may be my favourite of all the panties in my rapidly-growing collection! They are the Flora embroidery high rise shorts in crimson. They are absolutely sublime, I love the colour, the soft material, and the floral print and bow.

Best of all is that, unlike with a lot of other styles that aren’t really ideal for men in terms of fit, the high rise nature of these means they are 101% comfy to wear.

If I could only have one pair of panties (heaven forbid), it’d probably be these ones!

Marks & Sparks

Another gap between posts…bah!

Anyway, to prove I’m an equal-opportunities lingerie fan and not just a Boux boy, I indulged in some pretty things from the Marks & Spencers online sale recently! Before giving Boux a try (why I started this blog) M&S has been my main go-to place for lingerie actually, I really like their range, it’s very sexy and good value – and the click-and-collect service is very convenient for me.

So I got a number of things in the sale (my drawers are beginning to fill up with things now, given that I haven’t even finished trying out some of the new knickers from the previous Boux purchase!) which I will try and write about in future posts, but the first thing I wanted to talk about was their firm control traditional corsolette. I wanted to try something like this for a while just to feel what it would be like to be strapped into something feminine, and I have to say I really like it – very comfortable, as stated the control is firm without being too firm, and I love to feel the straps as a reminder.

I bought a couple of pairs of stockings to go with it, which fit me well. I’m absolutely hopeless at attaching them to the hooks, I admit, so I end up cheating with that! But the corsolette keeps them up without too much adjustment which is good. All in all, very pleased with this purchase!

It’s all about the briefs

My last post was just over 3 weeks ago! I’m still struggling to get into the habit of writing something regularly. However, I’m still regularly wearing lingerie!

I am still working my way through the box of knickers I purchased from the last Boux Avenue sale. Today’s choice is the delightful microfibre rose printed briefs, a delightfully soft, frilly, feminine wisp of material that makes me all the more convinced that wearing panties is right for me!

They’re still on sale, I’m so tempted to buy another pair…!

This week, I have mostly been wearing…

In a The Fast Show “Jesse’s Diets” sort of way, this week – well, today, anyway – I have been mostly wearing my new Nadine briefs. Ridiculously pretty and ridiculously comfortable, they’re exactly the sort of knickers that make you glad you’re a boy who decided to start wearing women’s underwear.

With the cobalt blue bonded microfibre shorts I tried first on Thursday, and the lovely blush Tatiana shorts I wore on Friday, I’m now 3 pairs in to the 21 I ordered in the Boux sale. So far so good!

Boux 2

OK, so it’s taken me a bit longer to write the second post of this new blog, but no worries, it’s here!

In a handy twist, the delay of a couple of weeks meant that Boux Avenue has fortuitously had time to hold a sale in the interim, which was good timing (couldn’t have planned it better in many ways…)! Although the title of this blog is Boy Who Wears Boux, up until recently I’d never actually worn any Boux Avenue lingerie before.

I have been wearing lingerie for about 8 or 9 years now, starting in my mid-20’s. I couldn’t say exactly why I started (I have some theories, but maybe that’s best kept for another post), but however I got into it, it started with La Senza, in the days before the UK franchise went into administration. Since then my main go-to for lingerie has been Marks & Spencer, who do really nice knickers, although there’s been dabbling with a few other places.

But I’ve been lusting over Boux Avenue’s website for a while, and, coupled with the desire to start blogging my thoughts on my panty hobby (and the name of the blog popping into my head), the sale proved the perfect time to try some of their lingerie! The delivery arrived earlier this week, and is full of lovely pretty things (I’ll write a separate post to explain what I ordered). As I write this, I am wearing a pair of the cobalt blue bonded microfibre shorts, which are ridiculously soft and comfortable – and an absolute bargain in the sale at £2.

So I can now say for definite that I am a boy who wears Boux!